The JRD Hogcast

Justin Moore Interview and Portland State Preview

Episode Summary

Justin Moore chats with the guys about country music and his love for the Razorbacks. After a great interview, Dylan and Jordan dive in to Portland State preview. Tune in Hog fans! Woo Pig!

Episode Notes

Justin Moore Interview

Newest album - Late Nights and Longnecks
Moving home
Playing for Razorback Foundation
Razorback memories

Pick em's

Arkansas v Portuagal State
Oregon v Auburn
Houston v Oklahoma
Nortre Dame v Louisville

Portland State Preview

What we want to see
Predictions - more rushing yards than passing yards
Less penalties - keep "bone head" moves out of it


Special Thanks to Brian Kinder of Kinder Songs for allowing us to use Woo Pig Sooie Razorback

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