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Burning You Up, Top Razorback Moments wrap-up, and baseball shop talk

Episode Summary

The guys start the 14th Hogcast with our "Burning You Up" Segment, picking up where the previous episode left off. After some rants by Jordan and Dylan, we dive into our Top 5 Razorback Sports Moments of our Lifetime, talk Diamond Hogs preview against Vandy and wrap up with your questions from Mailbag and our Twitter Dirt. It doesn't get any better than this for sport fans! Oh, and did we mention that the #Shorthorns suck?! I'm just going to leave that right there...

Episode Notes

Burning You Up Brought to you by Ivan's Old Time Meat Shop

Jordan finishes a rant he wanted to start last episode on Antonio Brown
The NCAA (is always bothering Dylan, FYI) is now telling players to take down Wedding Registries?? Where do they get off thinking they have that level of authority?

Top Razorback Moments of our Lifetime #5 thru #1

  1. Two 7-OT Games - Ole Miss (under Matt Jones) and Kentucky (under Matt Jones!)
  2. 4th & 25/The Henry Heave: Hunter Henry to Alex Collins - Another Ole Miss Top Moment
  3. Miracle on Markham - comeback over LSWho in Little Rock
  4. 2007 McFadden Domination of LSWho
  5. ALL THE TEXAS WINS! Anytime Arkansas beats Texas (or really anyone beats Texas, for that matter)

Vanderbilt Series Preview against Diamond Hogs

Top 10 match-up with the Commodores
Catcher Woes

Mailbag brought to you by NWA Streetworks

Could we see some QB's utilized in other positions?

Twitter Dirt brought to you by Elite Mobile Detail LLC

How irresponsible can you get Bertaccini (@RedZone921)?


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